Shade Tree Trot 5k

Back a few months ago, I signed up for the Shade Tree Trot 5k. Apparently, I was the 20th person to sign up since my bib number was 20. Go go nerd! 🙂

Anyhoo, the race was this past Saturday (April 23). I didn’t really train for this one. I haven’t run in months thanks to A Ligament Thing from last fall. This past week also featured guest appearances by Mysteriously Swollen Foot and Knee. Those jerks. However, I still participated with the intent to walk the 3.1 miles and maybe run if I felt good enough.

I ended up running on the few downhills there were and tried to maintain a good pace while walking. At an overall total time of 46 minutes, 39 seconds and pace of 15 minutes, 1 second, I feel like I did pretty well with the walking part. Bonus: my foot and knee didn’t bother me at all. My ligaments, however, fussed a bit after the race on the way to the car. I stretched a little before heading to the car, so I think that helped mitigate any soreness. I actually, wasn’t sore at all that evening/next day. That’s probably because it was only 3 miles ha. And I moleskinned my heels, so no blisters YAY.

Today, I received an email mentioning that photos of the race have been posted to Facebook. I’ve snagged my photos below. Images curtesy of Jeannette Faber Photography. I don’t know why I look like I’m about to cuss someone out, but it was probably the sun. I hate the sun in my eyes. Even with sunglasses on. haha

One thing I love about doing this kind of thing is seeing all of the different types of people participating. There are lots of younger people, but also plenty of middle-aged and older people. One man was elderly, but he was still out there and walking the course. That’s a #LifeGoal right there! Staying active as you age is super important for health, even if it is something as seemingly simple as swimming in a pool or going for a walk. Go, that guy! Do yo thang!

Now I’m going to scout out my next 5k. It’s so much fun!

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