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Nashville Half Marathon A.K.A. Why Not??


Yesterday, I registered for the Nashville Half Marathon.


It is on my sister’s birthday, Nov 12. I plan to do mostly walking and a little running. I’ve looked up a few training programs to walking, like this Hal Higdon one. I think it’ll be totally doable. The Nashville Half has a time limit of 4 hours and if I can maintain a 15 min/mi pace, I will be able to complete the course well within that time limit (at roughly 3 hrs 15 mins). I’m hoping to get my fitness (i.e., cardio, ligaments, etc.) improved so I can maybe even walk a sub-15 min/mi pace and/or run some of the distance. Running is harder than walking*, but the feel of moving faster and the wind in your face is so cool.

So here’s to a new #LifeGoal!

*I’ve heard walking uses different muscles than running, so it actually may not be less harder than running. I do know that I still used quite a bit of energy walking the 5k I did last Saturday!

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