Home Life

The Big Move

We’ve finally got it — the closing date for our new house! Of course, it is a tentative date as there could be delays. The house isn’t completely finished, but those last tasks will get done in the next couple of weeks. The appraisal has been done (or should be done by today). We will have an inspector go out after the house is complete or nearly complete to make sure it is as it should be. Our final walkthrough is scheduled for June 20, which is the same day as our anniversary. What a great way to celebrate the beginning of our family! We will probably go to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner that night because that is just who we are ;D

Closing is set for June 26. Movers scheduled to arrive June 27. We have turned in our vacate notice to the apartment management and will have until June 30 to get our move done. Knowing my husband, we will have everything moved over by June 28 at the latest. He is just as ready to get out of this apartment as I am. Soon it will be GOOD-FREAKING-BYE to the elephants who stomp upstairs. Fare-dang-well to the guy across the hall who blares dance music at 9pm on a Tuesday. Sayonara to all of those dumb-dumb heads who speed through the parking lot!

And hello to our new house:


Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 9.49.43 AM


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