Home Life

The Real Big Move…

…is our closing date!

Frustration Station, coming up!

As of today, I’m still not sure if the date we have been given is firm. So far, we’ve been told our walkthrough will be on 7/13 and closing on 7/20. I’m trying to not freak out, but we could be facing a hotel room for who knows how long if they change the closing to later than 7/22. We have to be out of our apartment by 7/22 because new tenants are coming in and the apartment will undergo renovations. Our apartment management has graciously extended our termination from 6/30 to 7/20, but we can’t stay after 7/22. I’m grateful they are giving us those two extra days.

But — it is what it is. We will either close on 7/20 like we’ve been told OR we will get a $500 POD + storage and a hotel room. The silver lining is that closing date is TWO WEEKS AWAY. I’m hopeful we can get movers quickly lined up and at least get completely out of the apartment and into the house in one day. I’m not worried about making sure every piece of furniture is where it should be in the new house. It just needs to get into the new house. If we end up living like we’re Granny on top of the Clampett’s buggy, then so be it!


literally us


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